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the scientific study of measurement.
Ebbing Metrology offers laser tracking services and portable CMM services, specializing in industrial measuring techniques and solutions. 



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Ebbing Metrology is a portable 3Dimensional metrology company. We offer laser tracking services specializing in industrial measurement techniques and solutions. We have exposure in a wide variety of markets and applications ranging from aviation to automotive and full part inspection to very complex automation line moves and alignments. Whether your company is nestled in a neighboring town/city or on the other side of the globe, Ebbing Metrology travels to you! We have extensive experience operating the laser tracker to overcome complex challenges companies face every day.

Ebbing Metrology utilizes the latest technology available in portable coordinate measuring machines, the laser tracker. The laser tracker is built for harsh environments allowing us to capture extremely accurate measurements. The laser tracker (a portable coordinate measuring machine) enables us to build products, improve and optimize processes, and deliver solutions by measuring quickly, simply and precisely. With a spherical working volume of 500 ft or roughly 250ft from the center of the tracker in either direction (left/right, forward/backwards, up/down) and an accuracy of .001" of an inch we can handle large scale projects. 

If you're in need of laser tracking services such as large part inspection, assistance in building complex assemblies and fixtures, alignment of equipment or a series of conveyors, reverse engineering services, or production fixture validation, please contact Ebbing Metrology for a solution to your manufacturing needs, we are always up for a new challenge!

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